About us

 Girl + Sports, our products feature straightforward and bold designs that young female athletes can feel confident wearing. At Girl + Sports, our mission is simple: create unapologetically fashionable and sporty clothing with a feminine aesthetic edge.

At Girl + Sports, we believe in the female athlete. We don't lump her style in with everyone else. We are a specialized clothing company designed for the fashionable, empowered female athlete. While the clothes we wear don't define us, they do make a statement. We believe that these women are meant to stand out. At Girl + Sports, we boldly celebrate the female athlete for who she is: Strong, Empowered, and One-of-a-Kind. Our clothing provides the comfort, style, and versatility that athletes can appreciate on or off the court (or field), with logos and designs that look like they’re made for athletic young women- because they are.